Protect your intellectual property. Build your business and your brand name with us.

Creation and formation of new business entities.

Registration of copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Our approach is simple: We strive to create deep and lasting relationships with our clients and with each other.  We get to know you, the people behind the ideas.  And we know how to strike a balance between delving into the details and stepping back to look at the big picture. This approach, combined with our enthusiasm for and knowledge of intellectual property, are what drive us forward.   

Nothing gets us more excited than being challenged and being able to help others innovate, create and succeed. 

Please take a moment to get to know us and our backgrounds. 

Alex Guzman  is the firm's founder and Yefim Kreydin is an engineer and experienced patent agent. 

Legal advice to entrepreneurs.

What we will do for you:


  • We will conduct trademark searches and issue opinions regarding availability.
  • We will prepare, file and prosecute trademark applications.
  • We will consult with you on trademark protection strategies.
  • We will prosecute trademark oppositions and litigate trademark infringement matters.


  • ​​​We will consult you on your rights as a copyright holder and will protect those rights in the event they are infringed.
  • We will register your copyrights before the Copyright Office.
  • We will prepare and negotiate licensing agreements.


  • We will advise you on the best way to protect your invention.
  • We will file your patent applications.