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What is a patent?

A patent is an intellectual property right granted by the government to an inventor to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling his invention. There are 3 different types of patents, a utility patent (which also is the most common one), the design patent and a plant patent

There is also an option to file a provisional patent application, which provides the inventor a priority for 12 months, during which the inventor can continue working on improving his invention. This priority will last for only 12 months, however this time frame often provides inventors a period to attract investors and to perfect the invention.

Why is it essential to obtain a patent registration?

​1. Many inventors use their successful patents to receive revenues through licensing their invention to third parties. Interested investors might pay substantial amount of money to be able to use the device, product, software, method or other form of an invention that the inventor registered with the government. Inventions are defined by law as a "Process, Machine, Manufacture or a Composition of Matter".

2. If the invention is successful, it can be a source of a passive income for the inventor, who can try to receive revenues from allowing others to use his invention.

3. We are used to hear the following lines over and over again: "I though about this idea years ago!", "I came up with this concept before those guys even started". If you have an idea that you think will benefit our society and can bring you profit, do not hesitate to take action. This is where it all starts. Protecting the implementation of your idea from others and getting a monopoly over it. A patent registration will provide you protection and grant priority over those that will come up with your idea after you. Don't hesitate and contact us to help you file the necessary documents.

4. Once the client receives a patent registration, he has the right to bring an action in Federal court against a person or a company that infringed his patent rights. A patent registration is a legal protection from theft and usage of your invention by someone else.

5. A patent registration places the inventor within a prestigious group of inventors, who received a monopoly from the US government. In addition to market advantages, a patent registration is often viewed as a lifetime achievement and as an indication to exceptional creativity and innovativeness.

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