Protect your intellectual property. Build your business and your brand name with us.

Practice Areas

Our firm focuses on intellectual property, corporate and business law matters.

While we are proud to have extensive knowledge in these fields, we also provide advice on general legal matters as well. We have experience in litigating legal disputes in courts and will be happy to represent clients in other civil cases.

Examples of intellectual property work that we provided for our clients:

- Represented authors and filmmakers in copyright matters.

- Represented clients in trademark disputes of unregistered marks.

- Prepared privacy policy agreements for start-up companies.

‚Äč- Filed design, utility and provisional patent applications.

Examples of other work that we provided for our clients:

- Litigated contractual, employment and real property cases in the New York Civil Court.

- Prepared and notarized licensing agreements, employment contracts, manufacturing agreements,

   letters of intent, operating agreements, promissory notes, loan agreements and claim letters.

- Formed limited liability companies, professional corporations and non-profit organizations.